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I believe that true change and the most important investment we can make is through education. Dance is full of life, movement, music, games, it is inside of us and outside of us, you can never be wrong when dancing, it connects our mind and awareness to our bodies. Dance is full of humour and it can free us from our demons, limitations, anxiety and fears. It is a great tool of self expression with the ability to "tell a story" without words. I believe in developing the power of imagination as a tool to explore, create, discover and enrich our inner world, external abilities and awareness sensitivity.” - Etay Axelroad

What Dance Can Do

2022 to Present
Website - here 
“We are a non profit organisation. Our historic structure was created in Zurich, Switzerland in 2018. We are now since may 2021 registered in France (association de droit local) and in the process of being registered in New Zealand. We organise dance programs and events for children and young adults who are in a vulnerable place because of illness, poverty, exile or/and with no easy access to this art. We believe that, because of the physical and mental assets it brings to children, dance programs are not a cost. They are an investment in the future of individuals, communities and society as a whole.” - WDCD

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Skapa GöteborgsOperans

Sweden 2021
Website - here

“The Göteborg Opera’s Skapa department works to help more people – particularly children and youth – to discover, get involved in and learn to love the magic of the performing arts.”

Batsheva Dance Company

Outreach Programme

2013 - 2017
Video 1 - here
Video 2 - here

The Batsheva Dance company contributes to its surrounding community through their outreach and educational program throughout Israel.

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