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Pupa [2024]

After CASUS and LED, Pupa — the third installment of the INDIGO trilogy —  explores the intimacy and plasticity of a uterine environment. Around the dancers, the stage limitations and the audience form a membrane, a threshold space that allows the emergence of new, fluid, and interdependent life forms. Their physical vocabulary, freely developed from voguing and krump, enacts an unresolved tension between explosive energy and vulnerability, simultaneously re-configuring their binary opposition. By invoking the indeterminacy and energy of the early stages of organic life, the final episode of INDIGO symbolizes the last step prior to the birth of something new—a collective identity that draws strength from the relationships that comprise it. A living substance, always in the process of becoming, capable of living with the disturbance of the present.

All audiences,    50 minutes

Choreography and concept : Etay Axelroad Assistant : Shaked Werner
Performers : Line Branchereau, Leonel Pierre-Antoine Bardot, Raphaël Dal-Conte, Bryan Doisy, Awa Joannais, marion Morlier, Shaked Werner Costumes : Danielle Zuri, Alice Vasseur, Daria Bunz
Music and sound : Simon Chereze, Max Rausch, Mircea Ionescu, Stevie Wonder collaborator from Cité internationale des arts: Florent Ling
With the support of: Cité internationale des arts, Académie des beaux-arts

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